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Whether you are preparing for Emergency Situations, Hunting/Camping needs or simply purchasing for Home/Business use... OneStopSurplus.com is your ONE STOP SOURCE!

We are based on Long Island in NY... But proudly serve all of the U.S.A.

You can contact us at 631-983-8408 or

What are the advantages to purchasing Military Surplus?
* Military equipment is battle ready!
* Military equipment has been over engineered to be tough and dependable!
*Most military equipment is designed to be shipped all over the world into some of the harshest environment and work perfectly.
* Most military surplus has low hours and are even sometimes never used!
* Price Price and Price... To purchase compatable equipment new from the manufacture or compatable civilian models, the cost are much higher and civilian models are usaully not as dependable or as well built.
*Most Military equipment is built in the u.s.a.

We Offer:
Military Generators
Military Mobile Heaters
Military Mobile Air Conditioners/Environmental Units
Military Shelters
Military Shipping/Storage Containers
Military Trucks
Military Trailers
Survival Gear (both new and surplus)
Long Term Storable Survival Food (direct shipped from the manufacturer)
General Surplus

If you don't see what you are looking for... We will find it for you!
If its out of stock... We will get it for you!

Contact us at 631-983-8408 or
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